Why are all of the tables standing height?
Our tables are all standing height as the atmosphere and energy in the room is much higher when your guests are not seated. Think about the energy and fun there is in a pub or lounge… now compare that to the energy of a night club! Our goal is to make your event the BEST!

What venue do you recomend?
Our biggest concern with venues is the availability of access. Our craps tables on their wheels are over 8' long, 5' high and 2' thick, they also weighs in at 600lbs. Our Roulette tables are also about the same size with a thickness of only 10" and weigh over 250lbs each. We prefer a venue that has doors to the room that lead directly outside. Most hotel elevators are not adequate for our large equipment and that makes it much more difficult for Casino Parties on a second floor.

How many games should we have?
We recommend having one table game for each 12 guests and then we would add slot machines on top of that to complete the Casino experience.  Some tables will have more than 12 players at them and others will have less.  We regularly experience that over 90% of all guests play the games at each of our Casino Parties.

What Games Do We Offer?
We have Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Casino War, Red Dog, Baccarat and Slot machines.  Our Tables are too big and heavy to get into basements or upstairs, our Craps tables weight in at just under 300lbs and the Roulette tables are just under 200lbs.

What Games Are Most Popular At Casino Parties?
We have found that Blackjack is the most popular game at a casino party followed by Roulette, Casino War, Craps, Baccarat and Red Dog.

What Roulete Wheels Do We Use At Our Casino Parties?
We use Wooden North American Roulette wheels which have 36 numbers and both "0" and "00".  All of our roulette wheels are made with hard wood and have ball bearings to ensure natural smooth motion of the ball and of the center platter unlike the cheaper plastic kid toys that some companies use.

How Long Does Each Casino Party Run?
Each casino party runs for 2 hours and we are available to play longer at a discounted rate if you wish. Set up, tear down and helping you out with your prizes is also included and is before or after the 2 hours of play.

What Experience Can We Expect?
With the sights and sounds of Vegas you will feel like you are in a real casino.  Our tables are standing height and skirted.  Your guests would start off with $30,000 each and would all have millions by the end. The average winners would have between 20 and 40 million dolars and the big winners would have between $60 million and $80 Million.

Fun Casino Prizes
The gaming is for fun and you may provide prizes for the 'Top Winners' of the evening, have draws and we may even host a live auction for you.

What is a Fun Casino night?
The term "Fun Casino" is seldom associated with casinos, as there is little fun to be had losing money. However with our Fun Casino Parties no money is won or lost, making our Fun Casino Parties the ideal way to have a great time and learn how to play the games.

Is it real gambling?
No. The roulette wheel, money wheel, crown & anchor wheel, blackjack and craps tables are standard casino equipment used purely for entertainment purposes. No REAL money is EVER wagered at any of our events. This ensures that it is a fun and interactive evening. "It's a win-win situation" - as you can bet to beat the bank for free.

What equipment do you use?
We supply full-size genuine casino quality tables, wheels and associated equipment. Our casino parties are of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on delivering you the best entertainment.

How much room and how many Games are required?
20-30 people: 3 Games 350 sq/ft
30-50 People: 3-4 Games 350-450 sq/ft
60-85 People: 5-7 Games 600-800 sq/ft
100 People: 8 Games 900 sq/ft
150 People: 13 Games 1,400 sq/ft
200 People: 17 Games 1,800 sq/ft
4 Slot Machine Island 60 sq/ft
8 Slot Machine Island 120 sq/ft

What experience in Casinos do you have?
We have over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and strive to ensure that your evening is as you expect it to be. We host over 100 events each and every year and understand the industry inside out which vastly improves your event experience.

How will I know what my event requires?
From private parties to large corporate events we understand that everyone's needs are different. We will tell you exactly what you require based on the number of guests, your location and competing entertainment that you may have scheduled. Regardless of whether your event is a private function such as a birthday party, stag, or is a corporate customer apreciation event, team building exercise or your staff Christmas party, we can provide you professional advice on how to put it all together.

What do we play with?
Each guest is given a pre-determined amount of fun money which may be used at the tables or may be redeemed for tokens for the slot machines.

How are the odds determined?
We have found that people playing the games with the same odds as a regular casino (that is how they make money) would loose their money and not enjoy themselves as much as when the odds are changed to favour the players. We have experimented to find the best odds for your guests to still have some challenge at the tables and still be able to win and have a great time. Everyone wants to be a winner.

What is included?
Our casinos typically offer a range of different games depending on availability on the date of your function and also any special requests you may have.  We include everything for your function including full facilitation and hosting, dealers, set-up and take-down of all tables and gaming equipment and all casino accessories including funny money.

Is this real gambling?
No only our own custom printed "funny money" is used throughout your party.

How long will we take to set-up?
For a home Casino Party It usually takes less than 30 minutes to set-up and we prefer to allow an hour and larger corporate Casino Parties will often take up to 2 hours with a set up crew.

What happens if people do not know how to play?
Our dealers will guide your guests through each game, to ensure they get the most fun out of all our casino games.

Can guests have a go at being the dealer?
This is fun entertainment, guests wishing to try their hands at dealing may be allowed to do so and will be encouraged and supported by our dealers.

What do the dealers wear?
The Pit Boss will normally wear a Tuxedo. Dealer uniforms are a white button up shirt, tie and a  vest with black pants. If you have a preference, we can usually accommodate most requests.

Who Are The Dealers?
For your Casino Party we will provide; trained, knowledgeable entertaining dealers that have experience providing your guests with hours of fun. Our dealers are trained to provide the best customer experience at each and every Casino Party we host!

Is it Legal?
No license is required for Fun Casino parties, and non-cash prizes can be presented to the winners.