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You have been to those other events before. Everyone stays just as long as they have to… Why have another boring event when you can have a Casino Party. Our casino party services will have your guests having a great time.  With all the games, sounds and excitement of Las Vegas your guests will have the time of their lives. With chants coming from some tables and cheers from others all of your guests will be taking part in the best event of the year.

We take our experience of hundreds of casino parties and use that to ensure the success of your casino party!  We will not "set up a couple tables to look good" at your event, we always set up the number of tables based on the number of guests you will have at your event.

We will not provide poker tables as part of a Casino Party! We do play poker and Texas Hold-Em tournaments, we have found that poker parties are not as exciting as our Casino Parties are. We know that there is no comparison between Poker and our other Party Games!  The poker you see on TV is the best part of a whole day or more of playing and they show you the high lights.  Poker is great if you are looking to put your guests to sleep.

With our casino party service we provide one table for each 12 guests.  Our Casino Party is typically 2 hours and we are available to play longer if you wish at a discounted rate.  Set up and tear down is included in the price of the casino party and is not part of the 2 hours of playing time. After the 2 hours of casino playing time we will cash in your guests. Each Guest will receive a bank draft for their winnings and if you are having a draw for your prizes we will supply the tickets.  We exchange one arm length of tickets for each $10 Million.

Our tables are standing height and skirted.  Your guests would start off with $30,000 each and would all have millions by the end. The average winners would have between $20 Million and $40 million and the big winners could have between $60 million and $80 Million.

Casino Party $ Million

Why Slot Machines?
We want our guests to mix and mingle and not play on their own in the corner...
There are a few points we need to cover to answer this question;
- Have you ever been to a real casino without slot machines?
- Slot machines enhance the atmosphere with their lights and sounds.
- From our experience at the majority of events we do, couples and groups will play at the slot machines together.

Our Plan
Plan to succeed with one of our Corporate Casino Parties. For 100 People we recommend having 8 Table Games and 2 slot machines requiring approximately 1,000 sq/ft. This Casino Party Package also includes full facilitation and hosting, dealers, set-up and take-down of all tables and gaming equipment and all casino accessories including funny money. The Casino Party is typically 2 hours and we are available to play longer if you wish at a discounted rate. You provide the prizes and we provide the fun. If the casino was to start at about 9pm and go until 11pm, then an auction or prizes would be after that and it would be very close to midnight before everything was done.

The following is the breakdown of what we suggest will work best for your function of 100 guests.

2 Slot Machines
3 Blackjack Tables
2 Casino War Tables
1 Red Dog Poker Table
1 Roulette Table & Wheel
1 Craps Table

Our tables are standing height and skirted. Your guests would start off with $30,000 each and would all have millions by the end. We would supply 9 staff for this event including the Pit Boss and all the dealers. We require a deposit to reserve your winning day.

We will cash in your guests after they have won Millions and Each Guest gets a bank draft for their winnings.  If you are having a draw we will even supply the tickets... one arm length for each $10 Million!

Our biggest concern with venues is the availability of access.  Our craps tables on their wheels are over 8' long, 5' high and 2' thick, and they also weigh in at 600lbs.  Our Roulette tables are also about the same size with a thickness of only 10" and weigh over 250lbs each.  We prefer a venue that has doors to the room that lead directly outside.  Most hotel elevators are not adequate for our large equipment and that makes it much more difficult for Casino Parties on a second floor.

Planning information

Hello ____,
I hope that all is going well with the planning of your event. I just got off the phone with a co worker who is also on the planning committee for your Casino Party event. She stated that you guys would like the casino to run for 4 hours? I'm not sure if that is 4 hours from the time your guests arrive to the time they leave?

Having done over 150 Casino Parties last year there are a few things we know;
1 - Unless all your guests are trapped in a room next door from the casino party they will not all arrive right when the doors open.
2 - How would you deal with prizing and so on if the casino party is to run until the time everyone is to "leave".
3 - Some of our competition offer 3 and 4 hour casino parties and do not tell the client that the last hour is for prizing.
4 - We offer a full 2 hours of playing time and then help you with prizing after that at no extra cost, we even provide the raffle tickets.

My guess is that you are having an event with no meal where the doors will open at 7pm and you want people to stay until 12pm? How close am I with that? How about we now allow your guests a half hour or an hour to arrive before the casino starts? Do you really want full on entertainment going on while the first 15 guests are there?

What about at the end of the casino... what do you have planned? Will you be giving away prizes? Will you have a draw? An auction? Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd,... Prizing for 300 guests will take about an hour, you could do it in 40 minutes if you really rushed it. Do you want to kick everyone out at 12?

This is how I see a successful casino would operate for you.
7pm - Cocktails
8-10pm Casino
10pm Prizes
11pm prizes are done, guests mingle as they leave
12 pm - you ask the few stragglers to go as the room is being closed.
I look forward to the success of your event.
Art Berube

All the games, sounds, exhilarations and thrills of a Vegas Casino at your party. As you walk into the room you will feel the energy and excitement of your guests.

Track Record
We have a proven track record and the experience to deliver successful casino parties, time and time again. We provide the tables, dealers, all the money and accessories for corporate mixers and parties.

We are totally flexible in our approach and by understanding your requirements we design each event individually to meet and exceed your expectations. We work with you to achieve your objectives.

Ideas & Concepts
Fresh ideas and new concepts are very important to us, we are constantly refining and adding to our services to bring you a unique and different product. Meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure we deliver successful events time and time again.

Our aim is to provide you the best product at a reasonable price. We are able to control the quality of our events as we custom order the majority of our equipment to meet our specifications.

Experience Vegas
Utilizing Full Size Blackjack, Roulette, Craps Tables & Slot Machines. Allow your guests to experience the thrill of winning, playing the games of Vegas!

The Winners Choice
Choose the leading casino supplier for your next party. We provide all the equipment, staff and fun, you provide the location and players.

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