Bachelorette Parties - Stagettes

When planning a Bachelorette Party, Edmonton Casino Party is your best connection for all of your Bachelorette Party Casino needs. Edmonton Casino Party has everything you need for your bachelorette party of 30 to 500 guests. Male topless dealers are also available to drive the girls crazy. We have all the games to make your bachelorette party the best party of the year. With everything from Roulette and Craps to Blackjack and Baccarat we have all your gaming needs. Add a few slot machines to enhance the atmosphere and all you need to provide are the guests.

With the rising costs of going out to a club or casino why not have a private stagette party and save $$$. Private bachelorette casino nights are just $45 per person (30-100 guests) and the price is $42.50 per person over 100 guests. Set-up your own bar and the drinks cost you closer to $2 each instead of up to $8 each at a club or casino.  (These prices are not valid November 10th to February 1st)

Our tables are standing height and skirted.  Your guests would start with $30,000 each and would all have millions by the end.  The average winner will have $20 to $40 million and the big winners will have $60 to $80 million.  This year we have started that when we cash everyone out at the end we will give them a bank draft as a memento of their winnings.  If you won $48.5 Million we would write you a bank draft for that amount.  If you are doing draws for prizes at the end we would provide the draw tickets at ONE arm length for EACH $10 Million.  If you wanted a live auction at the end we would auction off your prizes for you if you wish.  You provide the prizes and we provide the fun.

With our bachelorette party Fun Casino Nights your guests have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Everyone becomes a high roller when they get to bet $10,000 on lucky #13 on Roulette or a hand of Blackjack.


All the games, sounds, exhilarations and thrills of a Vegas Casino at your party. As you walk into the room you will feel the energy and excitement of your guests.

Track Record

We have a proven track record and the experience to deliver successful casino parties, time and time again. We provide the tables, dealers, all the money and accessories for corporate mixers and parties.


We are totally flexible in our approach and by understanding your requirements we design each event individually to meet and exceed your expectations. We work with you to achieve your objectives.

Ideas & Concepts

Fresh ideas and new concepts are very important to us, we are constantly refining and adding to our services to bring you a unique and different product. Meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure we deliver successful events time and time again.


Our aim is to provide you the best product at a reasonable price. We are able to control the quality of our events as we custom order the majority of our equipment to meet our specifications.

Experience Vegas

Utilizing Full Size Blackjack, Roulette, Craps Tables & Slot Machines. Allow your guests to experience the thrill of winning, playing the games of Vegas!

The Winners Choice

Choose the leading casino supplier for your next party. We provide all the equipment, staff and fun, you provide the location and players.